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Get fit, be healthy, and support a good cause at the same time!

Join the run or walk to commemorate the victims of communism and give hope to those still oppressed under communist regimes today. Where there are those who have no voice, there we shall go running!

Register Today for the inaugural 2018 Run For Freedom to run or walk the 4km or run the 8km course around Melbourne's iconic Tan Track. The 8km run starts at 8am and the 4km run or walk starts at 10am, on Saturday November 10th 2018!  

All the activity finishes and starts on the lawn in our Event Village.

November 7 is the official US 'National Day for the Victims of Communism', so we selected the first Saturday after this date for the 2018 Run for Freedom so that Australians could actively join in the commemoration.


Million Dead because of communism

Collectively, communist states killed 100 million people in the 20th century according to The Black Book of Communism




thousand refugees settled in australia

Between 1948 to 2012, more than 766,000 refugees and humanitarian entrants were settled in Australia according to the Refugee Council of Australia, many of these were escaping communism




nations' citizens still living without freedom

China, Cuba, Laos, North Korea and Vietnam are the five remaining communist countries in the world today, plus citizens of other countries under totalitarian regimes are also suffering


Event Details

Date / time

Saturday 10th November

8am: 8km run, 10am: 4km run or walk

Course & map

Choose the 4km or 8km course around Melbourne's Tan Track (around the Botanical Gardens). Meet at the Event Village in Kings Domain on the corner of Linlithgow Ave & Government House Dr. See Course Map.

entry & Costs

Price range per entry is $20 - $45 depending on age category and course selection. There are also family price options. Register online now. Entry on the day at our registration table is also an option for $5 extra per entry.


Run For Freedom T-shirts can be purchased online here for $25, or on the day for $35 (while limited stocks last, so best to get in now). All t-shirts purchased online to be collected on the day.


Event village activities

Before and after the run/walk, stick around the event village where there will be a sausage sizzle, coffee cart, kids activities, displays, stage performances, and of course winning place presentations.


Run For Freedom is your opportunity to get fit, be healthy and at the same time, actively commemorate all those who have died or suffered under communism.

Whether you yourself have suffered persecution, you are a witness to communist oppression, or you simply wish to support those who continue to suffer under communist dictatorship, you can make an impact by joining this fun run and walk and giving hope to those suffering today.

All registration and merchandise revenue go toward funding the costs of hosting the event.

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register For the run

Join in and help make a difference today! Choose to run or walk 4km or run 8km

Volunteer opportunities

This event relies entirely on volunteers. Let us know if you’d like to lend a hand.

sign the petition

Australia needs a 'National Day to Commemorate Victims of Communism' 




Communism feeds on aggression, hatred, and the imprisonment of men's minds and souls.

Emanuel Celler