Our Mission

Run for Freedom is a charitable run or walk to commemorate victims of communism, raise awareness and spread hope. Many Australians over the years have come here escaping communist regimes, and they come with many stories that reveal the horrors they and millions more have endured under communist dictatorship.

We were inspired to launch Run for Freedom after coming across a news article revealing that a senate motion was agreed to in the Australian Parliament on November 16 2017, calling for the declaration of November 7 to be our national day to commemorate the victims of communism. The motion was brought to parliament only days after the Whitehouse proclaimed November 7 to be the US national day for victims of communism. When we heard that no day has yet been declared for Australia despite the call for one, we went ahead and created a non-partisan commemoration event on the first Saturday after November 7, so that Australian’s could have a way to commemorate the victims.

Run for Freedom is hosted by Ancient China Insights Ltd, a very newly established not-for-profit organisation with a mission to deliver an insightful school workshop program for Australian primary schools in 2019 about the traditional Chinese culture and values of ancient China. In China today however, traditional culture has almost been lost and destroyed due to the cultural revolution by the Chinese Communist Party, and Chinese culture education in Australia is currently dominated by Confucius Institutes which are now being exposed as a global CCP soft power and communist infiltration. We therefore understand the importance for Australia to have a commemoration event that reminds us of the 100 million victims of communism, especially to remind the youth of today who are generally not being taught much about the history of communism and the harm of its ideology on humanity.

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