On 16 Nov 2017, a motion was passed in the Senate calling upon the government to organise an annual commemoration day for victims of communism, however, the government has not yet created a day for Australians to commemorate the victims. Sign the petition to call on the government to create a national commemoration day.

The Petition

remembering the Victims of Communism

Hello Fellow Australians!

At least 100 million of the worlds people have been killed under communism in the last 100 years.

And thousands of Australians came to our country escaping communist dictatorship in their home land. They bring with them experiences and stories of the suppression and horrors endured under those regimes.

Help make an annual Commemoration Day for the Victims of Communism - so that we shall never forget the lives lost; so that we may give hope to those still living without freedom today.

To learn more about the importance of creating a national commemoration day in Australia, visit our Resources Page